Hi!  I'm Danny Brave

a queer, gay transgender man, and an artist/healer, whose mission is to offer you experiences to fully embrace the power and liberation of being your authentic self/ves.
I'm an innovator of ways to express, discover, and heal oneself, incorporating meditation, movement, dance, ritual, song, costume, art-making, journaling, shamanic journeying, past-life regression, conscious kink/BDSM, sacred sexuality, energy healing and relational exercises that support vulnerability, intimacy, & alternative trauma healing in both one-on-one and community settings.  I especially love offering people opportunities to playfully explore their gender, sexuality & spirituality, and I'm currently a student of Somatic Sex Education via the Institute for Somatic Sexology.
         Plieadian Lightworker and Heart-Centered Ascension Guide 
         Intuitive Energy Healer 
         Social Justice Love-Warrior
         Teacher of Sex Magick & Sacred Sexuality
         Sacred Intimate
I so look forward to getting to know and support you! 
Thank you for being here.