"The healing sessions I completed with Danny have been transformational on so many levels. Danny’s approach is a beautiful combination of somatic and spiritual techniques that helped me to understand, process, and rework deep subconscious patterns. I am so grateful for the space Danny held for me to heal, and I have many images and sensations we developed that I can return to as touchstones to healing."
"Danny can weave the spiritual realm right into the picture - what a gift! I have been struggling to tease apart what is residual from past lives and what I’m here to do now, and Danny helped call me back home to my soul fire. This is about tuning to soul and the use of one’s erotic energy (what lights you up) to bring healing and guidance and joy. He does sessions over the phone and in person - give yourself and the collective the gift of this kind of healing."
"Transformational. My work with Danny occurred during a particularly tumultuous time of my life. It seemed like it would have been either the best or the worst decision to move forward with our work. The only reason I kept moving forward was because I was amazed by his grace, wisdom, playfulness and fierce willingness to hold space and protect, to allow healing to occur for us all. I use the word "us" because this process is definitely built on an exchange of energy, wisdom and compassion. Danny brings intention into his work, embodies it boldly and most importantly- holds space for you to turn into your own teacher, your own healer. There is rarely anything more beautiful than that. I am grateful for our work together."
"I had the pleasure of working with Danny to create a naming ceremony in which we – in the supportive, witnessing presence of close friends - ritualistically released my old name and called in my new one. The planning of the ceremony in the weeks leading up to it was a deeply affirming co-creative process in which I felt incredibly supported in creating a ritual which fully met my needs and desires for this important transition. Danny also acted as facilitator during the ceremony itself, so that I was able to just open and receive, which was a HUGE blessing. The entire experience was profoundly inspiring, transformational and affirming, and I do not believe that I could have had such an easeful transition without it. Danny's leadership is powerful and gentle. I felt uplifted and empowered during every part of the process. This truly felt like a ritual created by and for me, yet strongly and clearly supported by Danny's facilitation and benevolent presence."